Forget the Muse

As I toil away at my current WIP which I’m so excited about, a thought came to me about my process and how my fingers are flying away over the keyboard.  The words flowing from my mind, down my arms and to my fingertips.  Progress is a lovely thing and a lot of that has come from what I call “forgetting the muse.”

I simply work.Image result for words floating off the page

I can’t wait for imagination.  I can’t wait for inspiration.  I can’t wait for the muse.  I must write.  And funny how all those things seem to appear when I just sit down and work.

There were five ways I forgot the muse:

  1. I carry a notebook everywhere I go. It’s small enough to fit into my purse and whenever an idea comes to my head, I write it down.  It can be anything at anytime.  I take all my ideas seriously even if I have to scrap them once I get to my writing space.
  2. I set a time each day to devote to my writing. No matter what, I write in that timeframe and that designated space.  Even if I come back to write later or find myself writing in places like a park, or the library.  I chose early morning before I go to my day job, for one hour.  It’s my time.  Set yours!
  3. I make sure I’m organized. Yes, it’s an important factor for me.  My writing space must be neat, clean and organized.  I cannot write without a clear space.  Since it’s important to my daily writing I make sure it’s done.
  4. I practice. Sounds strange I know but it’s something that keeps my mind fresh, alert.  You’ve probably seen these books out now that look like journals but each page has a series of words at the top and you as the writer have to write a short story within the confines of that page using all the words in the word bank.  I bought one of those books but used up all the pages.  So now, I pick words from my thesaurus at random (7 or 8) and write a couple of paragraphs with the same concept.  It feels like a swig of espresso for my brain just before I get into the throes of my WIP.
  5. I read. Not for inspiration or to be like anyone else but to learn, always.  Read.  Read.

Of course, this is not an exact science.  And, of course, the muse raises her head now and again.  And, I listen.  Intently.  But I know that discipline and devotion pave the way to success.  Keep writing, keep reading.

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