As I Prepare For NaNoWriMo 2019

I’ve been down this road before. Starting a project with the vigor and excitement of a wild horse. And then, something changes; a shift in priorities, a missed word count, a bad day at work all culminate to form doubt, inconsistency and then an eventual hard stop.

But I’ve made a decision for this November. One I will stick to:  I WILL NOT GIVE UP. Image result for writer

Because as I finalize my notes and clear my workspace of any distractions I realize that there is more at stake than ever before. Coming off a year- so far, full of health uncertainties for myself as well as a close family member I can no longer afford to harbor the attitudes of “wait and see,” “I’ll get to it later,” or “work kicked my butt today, I’ll write tomorrow morning.” These false promises I made to myself only prevented me from performing my best work. Once more, like any empty promise, it just makes you feel bad.

The time is now. I want to write stories. I want to write good stories and that’s not going to happen with a start-stop, back-and-forth, hodgepodge approach to my work. I don’t do this at my day job where people depend on me to get the job done, efficiently and effectively. Why can’t I depend on myself to get the job done for my craft? It’s just as important, if not more. So I’m going into this NaNo with a few important points to keep me on top of my game for November and beyond:

  1. I’m the Boss! This is my business. This is my craft. I’m an entrepreneur and I love this job. I’ll set smaller daily goals to meet the bigger goal of at least 1667 words a day. The same way I break down my tasks at the day job to meet my deadlines. Small steps, farther distance.
  2. Align my Mental Health with my Spiritual Wellness. This is paramount for me. I tend to beat myself up when I feel like I’m slipping on the goals or I don’t/can’t stick with a timeline. Over this past year I’ve learned that life is a moment. Slow down, take a breath and know that everything is alright. I pray, meditate more now. Centering myself with the universe has allowed me see things with a bit more clarity and allow more joy in and push doubt/anxiety out.
  3. Connect with others. Sometimes you can’t do it alone. I don’t want to do it alone. I have made invaluable connections through a series of networks on twitter and in my local community. My sister friends uplift me with encouragement, truth and comedic relief. And I pray that I do the same for them. Make sure you start a buddy list for NaNo and hold each other accountable in a safe, constructive and nurturing way.

I’m all geared up with pens, notepads, an aesthetically pleasing workspace, and enough coffee to open my own café. The decks are clear and ready.

I hope everyone has a fun and productive NaNo this year. I’m rooting you on. It’s Ready, Set, Go time.



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