Writer’s Life-Thankful for Support

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post and I miss the connection.  I’ve come to the realization that I work better when surrounded by and immersed in my writing community.

Back in January my renewal came up for membership in a writing organization I joined a few years ago.  A little lost in my work-in-progress, I let the membership lapse.  Frustration does that to you-makes you believe that nothing works or in my case, the need to clear out.  A few months later I stopped going to my writer’s critique group meetings here in my area.  (I’ve since returned-thank goodness!)

My point to all this is, the problem wasn’t the group or the organization; the problem was that- although I belonged to these communities, I wasn’t really there.  I was not present.

writer-group.jpgBecause I was going over a rough patch on my creative path, I disengaged instead of communicating my concerns to my support.  I didn’t utilize all the tools and resources the organization provided.  Looking back, those resources were exactly what I needed to thrive.  If you are a member of a writing organization or in a writing group or an online community-be involved, be engaged, be present.  We can sometimes lose our way but just reaching out to someone who relates can make all the difference.

And, I have been so lucky to have met the most talented, supportive, creative writers who have watched me grow in this craft and genuinely want to see me succeed.

I want to thank RWA, the BNRestonCritique Group, Girls of Trouble and the writingchallenge.org-whose monthly twitter writing challenge started by Kristy Acevedo, has been invaluable.

This is just a quick thank you post to all who have helped me in this world of writing and continue to do so.  I am here for you just as you’ve been here for me.  And this is also a little reminder that writing groups, critique partners can be vital to a writer’s success.

Stay tuned for my upcoming post on sub-genres.

Cheers and Happy Writing!

Nina Lake

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