Book Java is back!

It’s been a long while since I wrote a blog post. With life’s little distractions and the demands of a full-time day job, for a time there I had to do a lot of juggling. But things have settled down and I have recently completed the first draft of a book I’m so in love with that I’m bursting with delight!

In the past Book Java blogs I have discussed such topics as, favorite books and books that have inspired you as a writer. Today I want to discuss the book we are writing; the book that readers in the future will read and hopefully find something that evokes conversation, changes minds, peace, understanding or simply a short vacation from life.

In the coming weeks I’ll be inundated with edits, edits and even more edits. After all, the book has to make sense. (Smile) I write romance/women’s fiction with gritty, flawed hero/heroines that find the meaning of life/love through the journey of falling in love.

What I aspire to create in my writing is that we are worthy of love and everything that that stands for. No matter how flawed, gritty, complex or conditioned we are, we are worthy of a connection that enhances our spirituality and emotional balance. And of course all while enjoying the fun, dramatic ride of a great story.

So, I ask, what kind of story are you trying to convey to the world?

Happy Writing!

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