My Experience at the Romance Writers of America Conference 2014

Hey Guys! I’m back. What a wonderful week I had in San Antonio, TX. It’s great to be home again charged and re-charged to write and create. This was my second conference and judging from the experience, it gets better and better every year. Next year the conference will be held in Times Square, New … More My Experience at the Romance Writers of America Conference 2014


This week, since I’m prepping for my travel to San Antonio, TX for the 2014 Romance Writers of America Conference, Book Java will simply state what I’ve been reading this past week.   I’m jumping into my first historical novel this week with:  “Seven Years to Sin,” written by Sylvia Day. A young man forced … More ~BOOK JAVA~


Welcome to the first Book Java blog where each Tuesday I discuss all things…Books! A while ago I read a novel entitled, “Reconstructing Amelia,” written by Kimberly McCreight. It is the story of a 15 year old girl who tragically died by falling off the roof of her high school. Her mother, workaholic lawyer Kate, … More ~BOOK JAVA~

Writer Camaraderie

Yesterday, I had one of the best writing days in a long time. Part of that is because of the motivation and cheerleading I receive from my writer buddies at #JulyWritingChallenge on Twitter. We’re a small group so far, each pledging to write 500 words or more every day in the month of July. All … More Writer Camaraderie