Okay guys, I’m heading off to Big Texas!

I’m so excited for this year’s nationals in San Antonio, TX. This will be my second conference. I remember being so nervous last year. It’s hard when you arrive and you know absolutely no one yet there is this boiling sense of possibility and awareness that you belong and everything is going to be all right.

I remember, especially, the kind and very talented romance author, Cherry Adair who plucked me from the wall (literally and figuratively) and invited me and another newbie to have lunch with her and a friend. Yes, that really happened. She encouraged me to take advantage of all aspects of the conference. Go to as many workshops as possible, approach other writers and be yourself was her advice and I followed it. She’s an established author, she knew the ropes, took me in and made me feel calmer and welcomed.

And that’s the overall theme of the conference; A big welcoming of writers, published or not, at every stage of their writing joined together in one place at one time with a singular goal- to be the best writer you can be.I’m less nervous going into this conference. The newbie jitters have given way to a certain guarded confidence that will hopefully allow me to soak up more information more consciously instead of speed racing my way through for fear of missing something. I’m a little more clear-headed and have streamlined what I need and want out of the conference this year.

Another aspect of the event and possibly one of the most important are the friendships made. I’m so grateful to have met my girls; Rebecca, Natalie, Mai-Ling and Marissa. We had such a blast and I look forward to seeing them again.

I look forward to what this year’s conference will bring, both inspirational and educational.

Stay tuned guys. I will be updating from the conference this week and also watch for tomorrow’s blog- Book Java- where every Tuesday I talk about all things books.

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